Our Product

Some of our most recent works. Our priority is to give you best quality and innovation in order to meet your goal. We will bring you our distinctive idea and cover it with our passion.

Warak n Friends

Warak n Friends is the first animated series of Playon Kreatif and raise Indonesia cultural diversity


Playon Komik

Playon Komik provide comic strip with slice of life theme in Indonesia


Si Budi

Si Budi is paperboy who deliver daily newspaper, but whatchout! he is also has super power.


Petualangan Lintang

In a beautiful village there is a boy named lintang, he is very clever and always excited when it comes to adventure.


Halo Donut's

Halo Donuts is an action game which gives you a lot of donuts in donut's world.



Sundamala is short animated history in order to provide education for children


Captain Ako

Captain Ako is a superhero whose job is to spread the goodness and honesty of all children in Indonesia


Halo Jamur

Mushroom's force is trying to maintain they village of troops attack the larvae and must protect the princess from the evil king larvae.


Our Learning Products

We provide tutorials from beginners to professionals with very clear guidelines to be followed and understood. The price for each DVD is 150.000, but if you want to purchase 3 DVDs we will give you the best price, 350.000

Basic Tutorial

Tutorials for beginners who never make 3D blender animation before

Modeling Tutorial for Advance

Details manufacture vertex modeling with great character

Animation Tutorial for Advance

Giving you tutorial for making the right timing to your animation - ORDER NOW ?

Our Skills

Creative Playon emphasis on quality, so each of us has a high skill...

Concept Art






Rendering & Compositing


Why People like us?

Totality and Love

We always do what we love, herefore we always put the quality on the top of our list.

We have professional's team who have experience in the field with high capability
We always create a distinctive idea and add the flavour of innovation in it, so you will always find our works are interesting to see.
By forming a good timeline we manage to get the project done on time.

Have a question ?

If you need assistance, please contact us via email: playonkreatif@gmail.com or through HP : +6285641782581